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"Purr-Fect Dream Angel" - The Lucky Charm Ragdoll


Purr-Fect Dream Angel, seal bicolor Ragdoll. Breeder: D. Anderson; Owner: R. Paakki; Photographer: Alan Robinson"Purr-Fect Dream Angel",
AKA "Snoozie", seal bicolor,

DOB: November 18, 1992,
Dam:"Pandapaws Esther",
seal bicolor
Sire:" Catricat Chico",
seal colorpoint
Owner: Riitta Paakki,

Text/pictures submitted by Riitta Paakki, Finland:

Snoozie's lottery ticket

Snoozie's lottery ticket

It is not very often that a Ragdoll gets her picture on a lottery ticket, but that's exactly what happened to me and Snoozie in the beginning of 1996. They had a photo competition in Finland where about a dozen of photos would be chosen to be printed on special lottery tickets. They were especially looking for good quality pictures of cats and dogs; so I thought I would also send in a few good shots that I have got of my seal bicolor Ragdoll Snoozie.

A  few weeks later I was really happily surprised when I received a letter of notice that Snoozie's picture is indeed one of the winners - and they would also pay me quite a lot of money for that! Wow.

When the lottery tickets finally came on sale I bought quite a few of them, and so did my friends, but we never actually won anything big from them... But I can say that there's denfinitely a lot of people in Finland who have "handled" Snoozie, since those lottery tickets are very popular in here!

Snoozie is my very first Ragdoll and she has always been, and will be, my pride and joy and the "number one" for me. She came to me in the beginning of March 1993 from Del Anderson in England, and she was the 7th Ragdoll who moved to Finland. As you may know, number 7 is usually considered to be a lucky number, and there must indeed be something magical about it, since I have had so many wonderful moments with Snoozie and so many, many great things have happened to us. She is indeed a Dream Angel, just as her name promises! Snoozie has been featured in a couple of TV shows in Finland (she was the first Ragdoll to appear on TV actually) and in dozens and dozens of magazines/newspapers; both domestically and internationally.

She has done extremely well at shows; so that has made her the most successful female Ragdoll in Finland through all these years. Her biggest victory in the show arenas is the FIFe World Winner title that she won in Germany, on March 25, 2001. Snoozie is perfectly marked and has got beautiful dark blue eyes, she is exactly what a Ragdoll should look like. She is such a charming and completely laidback lady; and she's always known that she is really an exceptional example of the Ragdoll breed.

She is really more than words to me.


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