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"Bill von Cruzenia" - Psychic Forces???


Bill von Cruzenia, seal mitted Ragdoll. Breeder: M. Jansen. Owner: E. Weigle"Bill von Cruzenia", seal mitted,
AKA "Bommel",
DOB: June 23, 1991,

Dam: "Alica von Cruzenia",
seal mitted
Sire: " Catastrophe Chocolate Frosting", seal colorpoint
Owner: Ellen Weigle, Germany

It is sometimes said that purebred cats, often raised and kept in human care for generations, have lost most of their original instincts which enabled their free-living ancestors to survive. For this reason, it is all the more important that we take notice of reports about the "sixth sense" or "psychic forces" of our cats, that we cannot really explain. Bommel's mom Ellen experienced such an amazing incident:

"One evening I was surprisingly visited by my friend Emmi and her hubby. They were on their way to a theater performance and had just stopped by to say "hello". Both had made themselves comfortable on the couch. While we were chatting about this and that over a glass of prosecco, my Bommel marched to and fro on the high sofa back several times, always past Emmi's head. Finally he stopped abruptly and sniffed around her hair. This was extremely strange. But when Bommel started to bite gently into a spot above Emmi's left ear over and over again, I really thought I cannot believe my eyes. He had never behaved in such a way in his whole life, and so I shooed him from the couch.

About a week later I learned that Emmi had just suffered a sudden deafness. The doctor referred her to the hospital right away. There a tumor on the left side of her head was diagnosed, demanding immediate surgery. I was terribly worried about Emmi, but at the same time I was speechless as well - even before Emmi had noticed anything herself or before any external symptoms were visible, Bommel had sensed the tumor. Evidently, Bommel had wanted to let us know with the biting that something is wrong.

Emmi got over the surgery fairly well. Unfortunately her left ear stayed deaf and she had to give up working. But it could have been worse..."

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