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The first Ragdolls with a FIFe European (Supreme) Title


The highest title a cat can achieve in FIFe is the European Champion, or for alters the European Premier (both titles replaced by Supreme Champion/Supreme Premier since January 2009). It is a long and expensive road, to be awarded with an European title a cat has to meet the standard very thoroughly, and must attend at least 21 shows in several different countries.


So my congratulations to all diligent Ragdoll exhibitors and their beautiful and successful cats!

I  compiled the very first FIFe European-titled list from every possible source (so errors excepted!) and I have enjoyed putting the following pages together enormously. The owners of the "Euros" were most helpful and provided me with lots of lovely pictures and all required show data.

Some titles are not bestowed yet, but in the end it will be a total of 48 cats...

(P.S: This was the status before the recognition of Ragdoll colors in the tabby/lynx resp. red/flame series - allowing for a tremendous amount of new titles. Therefore I was afraid that listing *all* these Euros might produce too much pages. However, in the meantime I am able to use a tremendous amount of webspace ;-), so I would be delighted to add FIFe European/Supreme titles for any other Ragdoll colors too. If you want to see your lynx/flame cat(s) listed, just send me the necessary information by E-Mail).

...it would be great if I am able to present you all these winners with their pictures and show results someday. I hope it works - well, I do my best ;-)

Please let me know if you notice any error on the following pages.

Explanation of the FIFe European title and the abbreviations used in the Euro pages






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