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Campiroi's Yashica, blue mitted, 4 months old. Breeder: E. Niederhauser
Campiroi's Yashica, blue mitted, 4 months old. Breeder: E. Niederhauser


On the following pages you will find tons of lovely Ragdoll cat/kitten pictures and interesting information about the charming Ragdolls. Learn about the Ragdoll origin, Ragdoll "purrsonality", Ragdoll look, and about the difference of Ragdolls and other, on a cursory glance similar breeds, like Birmans and Himalayans. See which Ragdoll books are available & where. Visit our cattery online and see how our own Ragdolls are raised. Meet famous and worldwide known Ragdolls of other breeders and owners presented here as "Legendary Ragdolls", "The first FIFe-Euro titled Ragdolls" and "Ragdolls with a FIFe-World Winner Title".

Of course, entertainment is not a minor part of our website: Don't miss our "Baby Gallery" with its irresistibly cute photos or our page "From Kitten to Cat". By using as an example our Ragdoll girl "Tacoma", we show you several stages of development of a Ragdoll, from newborn baby to the adult cat. On the page "Ragdoll Pictures From Our Website Visitors" other Ragdoll lovers from around the world present their lovely cats. If you would like to share a picture too, please don't hesitate to send us your cutest or most beautiful Ragdoll shot.

If you enjoy adorable cat pictures with funny captions, the pages "Fun with Felines", "Snapshots", "A Day in the Life of two Ragdoll Cats" and "Show Anecdotes" are for you! Have you ever wondered what a Ragdoll dreams of at night? Visit "Gone with the Wind - A Ragdoll Dream" and your curiosity might be satisfied. If you have some minutes to spare, please help the prince and princess to find the elusive Bavarian Alpine Kitten in the Munich-Labyrinth... :-) - and see in passing some of Munich's lovely sights. And if you have an interesting website yourself, please apply for our website award. We would be honored to award those sites that show that much personality, love and creativity has been poured into it.

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