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Some years ago I watched a TV-series on cats and among other topics there was shown the declawing of a kitten. Though they avoided airing the cruelest parts it was still repulsive, and for a long, long time I couldn't forget how the playful, affectionate and trusting kitten turned into a withdrawn, fearful animal after the surgery.

6 week old Ragdoll baby

It's so easy to train a kitten
to use the scratching post
6 week old Ragdoll kitten

I  live in a country where declawing is illegal, as it is considered inhumane, and I am glad about it! But I know there are still people in other parts of the world who just aren't aware what declawing really means. Even some vets routinely suggest declawing as a perfectly normal procedure, similar to altering, and offer a reduced price if a cat is altered and declawed at the same time. But while altering a pet is important to avoid overpopulation and the death of countless unwanted animals (statistics show that in the U.S. alone, millions of homeless cats and dogs are put down every year) there is absolutely no reason for declawing - or another very cruel procedure, called "Ligamentation" (the severing of the ligaments at the joint. Though the cats are left with paws, joints, nails intact, they can not extend, climb or or hold on to anything - not even toys - because the joint does not work anymore... just hangs there). There are many other solutions to keep a cat from scratching and destroying furniture. While a spay- or neuter-surgery is forgotten after a few days, and the just altered cat usually becomes even more friendly and affectionate than before, a just declawed cat suffers for many weeks or even months. It is not uncommon to see behavioral problems develop, like biting or not using the litter box.

Below you will find links to some very enlightening articles about declawing which explain the declawing operation and the risks, why cats scratch and what to do to prevent a cat from shredding your home. If you are thinking about declawing your cat, please visit these sites. But be warned - reading the article "So you're thinking of getting your cat declawed" and viewing the page "Declaw pictures" (actual pictures of declawing!!) is not for those with weak nerves!


Please, don't declaw your kitty!


Declaw pictures

If you love your cat, don't declaw!

Stop your cat from scratching your furniture without declawing

So you're thinking of getting your cat declawed

Is declawing cruel?



The following mail is from Nick Pappas-Irvine, California/USA. If you want to discuss the topic with him or support his aim to start a global awareness about stopping cat declawing, please e mail Nick.

"I have two cats that have been declawed 14 years ago when I did not understand/have the awareness of how it was done and to what extent the pain had to have been to them, caused for nothing done on their part. I wish there was someone to write to, to start a global awareness about stopping cat declawing. There is no reason to put the kitten or cat through any kind of pain that comes with declawing, which I experienced first hand just watching, not feeling, when my kittens were declawed. They did not deserve to suffer the pain that I inflicted upon them for making an inhumane decision to have them declawed for a selfish reason of not wanting myself or the furniture to be scratched. I have another cat now who is not declawed and with trimming his nails, keeping clear of the pink area, is so much more respectful of his life here on Earth. Maybe one day this kind of practice will be stopped as others become aware of the practice and how it is so unfair to remove what is such a vital part of the cat's physical being".


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